Fenn Lodge green policy

  • Fenn Lodge is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and determines to make ongoing improvements
  • Fenn Lodge seeks to minimise waste and maximize recycling both internally amongst its guests and suppliers
  • Fenn Lodge will implement training for staff to raise awareness of environmental issues, enlisting their support to improve our performance
  • Fenn lodge will meet or exceed all environmental legislature that relates to it
  • Fenn Lodge seeks to minimise toxic emissions with correct use/non use of chemicals.

Visitor charter


Help us decrease our carbon footprint!

  1. We will encourage guests to be careful with their use of water and ensure all taps are turned off correctly.
  2. We ask guests to put only towels that they want laundered into the base of the shower cubicles. All other damp or wet towels will be tumble dried and returned to the room.
  3. It would be helpful for guests to leave newspapers and magazines beside the waste paper baskets instead of inside the bins for staff to recycle
  4. If at all possible it would be good for guests to make sure that they switch off any lights in the rooms when leaving the room.
  5. Home-made lemon juice will be made daily and left in the reception area in the warmer weather to reduce the number of plastic water bottles. Guests are welcome to help themselves. Fresh cold water is also available in the upstairs fridge for the same reason.
  6. The wild life diary is in the sitting-room if any guests would be kind enough to log any sightings or unusual wild life activities in the garden, the Alum Chine or even on the beach!!
  7. If any guests have enjoyed visiting local heritage sights, please would you be good enough to pass your recommendations on the other guests in the dining room.
  8. Guess are encouraged to use public transport, Discover Dorset Tours or even hire a bike for the sheer fun of it!!